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In Kohgan Gallery we offer truly unique, authentic paintings at affordable prices. Each piece of art is sourced directly from Russia and CIS countries. Here you will find precious, one-and-only pieces of contemporary art created by talented artists whose individual style will touch your heart and provoke thought.

Prepare yourself for a fascinating engagement and make art your own through your personal judgment and your own choice. Have a look at our exposition, get to know our artists, submerge yourself in the world of imagination and sensuality. Unleash your senses and let the journey begin... read more
New Arrivals
Alexey Rubanov, Spring, spring, woman, nude, impressionism
Alexey Rubanov
£ 2,750
Marina Vyazova, Thirsty cobalt, hidden life, cobalt, thirsty, allegory
Thirsty cobalt
Marina Vyazova
Goda Laima, Flirting with Schielle, Nude, Schielle, Woman, Sexual, Red hair, pleasure
Flirting with Schielle
Goda Laima
£ 1,900
Eugene Ivanov, The Fantom of the Opera, phantom of opera, cubism, blue, sad, sadness
The Fantom of the Opera
Eugene Ivanov
£ 2,775
Coming Soon
Teletien Victoria, in the sky of Kharkov, Teletien Victoria, My moon, Sergey Lunev, English Roses, Tereschenko Konstantin, The bride, Tereschenko Konstantin, If only I was a woman, Tereschenko Konstantin, Mother's day, Maria Lesogorova, Dancer, Teletien Victoria, Forest song,
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