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How do I buy a painting?

If you like a painting in our gallery and would like to buy it, simply click the button "Buy now", which will take you through the purchase form. Once the form is filled out, click "Submit". It will register your purchase request in our system. After it is processed, you will receive an invoice to be paid within 7 days; the painting status will change from "On sale" to "Reserved" during this period. If the payment does not go through in a week's time, the painting status will change back automatically.

How soon will I hear from you after I have filled out my purchase form?

Although in most cases the invoice is sent within a couple of hours, please allow 24 hours for your purchase form to be processed.

How do I pay for the painting?

We accept bank transfer, card payment and personal cheques. When filling out the purchase form, you will be asked for a preferred payment method. When you receive your invoice, you will find the payment instructions adjusted to your choice.

When will the painting be shipped?

Most of our paintings are located in the UK and can be shipped the next day after the funds cleared. For a few paintings held outside of the UK, shipment will take longer; you will receive the paintings in 3-4 weeks after payment. However, faster services are available for an extra charge; next-day delivery can be arranged for the paintings located inside the UK and one week delivery for the paintings located outside of the UK. If you would like to receive your paintings as soon as possible, please specify your request in the "Comments" field. The cost of urgent delivery will then be added to your invoice.

Will my painting be covered by insurance during transportation?

When filling in your purchase form, you will have an option to insure your painting for transportation. If you chose this option, the insurance price will be added to your shipment cost, which will be reflected in the final invoice total.

What will be the final invoice total?

The prices shown on our web-site do not include delivery costs. The cost of delivery (urgent or regular, insured or not) will be added to your invoice during processing. The price of the frame is not included in the price of the painting either, but if you chose the option of receiving your painting with the frame, we will not charge you for it (this applies only to the paintings fitted with frames).

What kind of frame will be fitted to my painting?

Most of our paintings are fitted with generic frames, costing no more than 5 to 15 pounds, depending on the size. Although we put forth our best efforts to select nice and matching frames, their main function is to protect the painting during storage and transportation. We don't supply our paintings with more sophisticated frames, unlike many other galleries, because we don't want to make framing our business. We sell art, not the frames! Besides, most of our buyers prefer to choose frames by themselves, according to their own taste and to match the color of their furniture. Some of our paintings may come on stretchers; in this case they are not supplied with any frame at all, as stretchers keep the canvas in shape and protect it from damage during handling.

Frame exampleStretcher example
frame samplestretcher example

What if I want to buy the painting with the status “Not for sale” or “Sold”?

If you like a painting that has been sold or is not for sale, we can negotiate with the artist to create a copy of this painting for you. Please note, that in such a case the painting will not be unique; although it will have the artist's signature on it.

What if I don’t like the painting because it doesn’t match to the digital image?

We work very hard to make sure that we place images on our web site that are very close to the original painting. Prior to uploading an image to our servers, we test the file on different computers in order to provide our customers with a true representation of the original. However, please note that all monitors differ in terms of quality and settings, making that same image look different on your monitor than it looked on ours. If you are not satisfied with the painting, we offer a 100% refund on all orders minus the shipping costs. You will have 24 hours to evaluate the condition of the painting after it has been delivered to you.

What is the size range for each size category?

We use six size categories to simplify your search: miniature, small, medium, large, grand, and undefined. Most of our paintings fall into the small, medium and large categories. We assigned these categories based on the sum of two dimensions of the paintings (L), their width and length. Please refer to the table below.  

  size categories table

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