Fabulous Arthur de Pins

Arthur de Pins is one of my favorite illustrators.  He is a young artist, he graduated from the Ecole nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs in Paris in 2000. He has since worked to numerous projects as animator, illustrator, character designer, and director.

De Pins multi-medium artistic style is fluid; all his works contain a very strong vectorial and clean graphic simplicity that is shared from one medium to the next. His excellent online portfolio contains over 180 illustrations of cartoons, sexy comics, advertising, posters, cute pin-ups, caricatures, and a plethora of other illustrations to see. There is also the animation part with 23 works, composed of very short flash videos, animations for sites and three funny short video to boot. Here is a nice video compilation of his illustrations, that you might want to view.
Info: you can view Arthur’s online portfolio here, the site contains adult material that is not suitable for children and is NSFW .

Source: http://paintalicious.org/2007/07/08/arthur-de-pins-illustrations/

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