The secrets of buying art

“For a new and inexperienced art collector or for somebody who just wants to decorate the interior of his house with paintings it is rather difficult to understand what the concept of the original oil stands for.
It has become a wide spread practice to call almost everything, which can be hung on the wall ‘original art’. Shops display hundreds of poorly executed mass produced pictures with tags bearing ‘original oil painting’ on them.

Usually what this means is the following – a group of apprentices get together to combine their efforts in reproducing a certain visual image. Their work resembles a conveyer belt, which in fact it is. With the help of a projector the image is transferred to a cheap canvas. Then every participant does their part by adding a few strokes to the picture. The whole process takes a few minutes – and a creation is ready to be dispatched. The technique may vary, but the essence stays – cheap, fast and affordable.  Thus thousands of these ‘original oils’ flood the shops, auctions and even some art galleries…”

 “…Another phenomenon, which threatens an art collector, is the invention of sophisticated technology to produce prints. At present it is sometimes not so simple even for a gallery owner to distinguish between a print and an original work of art. Nowadays a print of an oil painting in a nice frame would look exactly like an original, even showing different oil textures as well as bold brush strokes and different layers of paint…”


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