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Roman Urbinsky

Roman Urbinsky Roman Urbinsky was born in 1977 in Novosibirsk where he lives up until now and works as a ceramics artist.  Roman started work with ceramics when he was eight years old but always wanted to step out and become a professional cartoonist. He started working as a cartoonist in 2008 when in one year he won three cartoon contests. Roman is also a passionate painter; he participated in several art expositions and his works can be found in private collections in US, New Zeeland, Italy and UK.  

 Roman loves cats of all kinds but most of all he loves his nine-years-old white and fluffy pet. Above all in life Roman values freedom to create; without creative work life is not interesting, he says.  In any relationship be it love or friendship Roman values personal space, he claims that all the mismatches can be accommodated if there is enough space. Most of all Roman disapproves cruelty especially when it's unmotivated. He dislikes people who destroy things, litter on the streets and harm the nature.

When he was a little boy Roman spent hours scrutinizing a treasure of his childhood, his grandfather's art book about Dresden Art Gallery.  Although the book was in German it had so many captivating illustrations. Today Roman has many art books from Titian to Chagall and Malevich and he still loves to spend time studying immortal artworks.  When it comes to reading Roman prefers serious authors such as Virgil and Grimmelshausen, Bulgakov and Erasmus Roterodamus.

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