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Marina Korkina

Marina Korkina Marina is a young artist born in 1985 in Moscow. She graduated from Moscow Pedagogical University and works as a school teacher of Russian language and literature.  Marina enjoys good music and plays well the guitare and the flute; in her free time she loves to play football and watch cartoons.  Marina supports Spartak and Manchester United and loves to score goals herself.  She enjoyes poetry of all kinds,  loves fried machrooms, lakes and forests, the night and the moon  and the long walks.  She doesn't like being untruthful, being angry, being late, being nervouse, when people show off or raise their voice. In life Marina appreciates beauty and her ability to love the ones she loves...

Marina created her first artwork when she was child; she made a copy of A.Kuindgi's famous painting on the wooden plate which took her several hours to accomplish. Her first visit to Tret'yakov Gallery had a major impact on her. She loves beautiful colours combinations, when you can't take your eyes from a painting, when crying over a movie, funny cartoons and serious books such as Dostoevsky, Capote, Hoffman, Joyce and Hesse.  

Among artists she appreciates very much Arhip Kuindgi, for his themes, colors, technique, transitions, joy and beauty, Beardsley for his precision graphics, humor and curved lines and Vasilyev for his themes and technique. She calls Andrei Rublev a Master and is grateful to Shishkin for the joy of the world's contemplation and his ability to read the beauty; she loves Turner's technique to portray the light and the way Otto Muller depicted different moods and shapes. She is also amazed by Repine's ability to see the human soul throughout.

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Arctic Tale
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Magic river
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