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Olga KohganHi! My name is Olga Kohgan and I am not an artist. Although, I am often seen scratching a piece of paper somewhere in the corner, I never had and most likely will never have the courage to show my doodles publicly. Well, this is how I got interested in art in the first place.

The actual story behind this gallery started a long time ago in Japan where I bought my first painting. I saw it in the hotel lobby and could not ban it from my mind even after I returned home from that business trip. My colleagues encouraged me to investigate if I could buy the painting. A few months later, after long and exhausting negotiations conducted by my Japanese friends, I finally become the happy owner of this:

Olga Kohgan

Over the next few years I was collecting art works all over Russia. I was travelling a lot, developing business for my company and had a great chance to meet some really good, but very remote, artists whose works sometimes were not seen by more than 10 people since their creation. Little by little, my collection was growing, and it became a tradition to organize home expositions for my friends, colleagues and the neighborhood.

At some point I realized that I can share my collection with even more people by setting up a web-based exposition open to everyone. And this is how people whom I did not know become a new audience for my little art treasury.

The next thing I knew, one of my friends bought a new house and asked me to help him decorate it with some modern art, which I did with great passion. A few months later, he brought his neighbor with the same request, and I helped him too. In the next two years, I helped twelve more people to decorate their offices or houses. Quite often, when I was asked to help someone to pick a gift painting for a special occasion, I would hear something like this: "I know you will go hunting for art anyway; if you see something like...", followed by a brief description, "I trust your taste; please do me a favor, buy it for me!" I did not mind helping because it was a pleasant and exciting experience.

Quite logically one of my friends once asked me: "why don't you open an art gallery of your own? I would be your most loyal customer!" - Someone else exclaimed, "And me!", "and me!" echoed my other friends...

Of course it did not happen the next day, but this very art gallery evolved from that initial discussion. And here I am helping you, my new friends, to decorate your homes, and to pick original and authentic gifts for your friends and family. Thank you for coming!

Always yours,

Olga Kohgan
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