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Farid Shavaleev

Farid Shavaleev

Shavaleev Farid, was born in 1982 and lives in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan located in the southwest of Russia. Farid has a degree in radio-engineering but never worked in this field. At the moment he works as a division manager in one of the interior design firms in Kazan.

He started drawing when he was a child; when he was in high-school his sketches were published in the local newspapers. Farid is very interested in psychologyand philosophy, and he is a passionate photographer. He loves cinema, especially romance and drama, where all the various emotions can be observed. In his future, Farid plans to write a book about something interesting. He is a busy young man, but his passion for drawing wins out over everything else occasionally.

Farid passed through the Kazan school of figurative art; he started oil painting about seven years ago. Unlike many other artists who follow their intuition and unconscious ego when creating their works, Farid thinks his ideas through and refines the concept before it comes out on the canvas.  Most of all, Farid values love and people around him; in people he appreciates an aspiration for self-actualization and cognitive abilities. As an everyman, Farid enjoys a good meal and, just as every romantic soul, he admires serenity and happiness.

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