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Vasil Bobrikov

Vasil Bobrikov

Vasil Bobrikov is a young artist born in 1985 in Panevė×ys (Lithuania); he graduated from the Arts faculty of the State University in Vitebsk, (Belarus) where he lives and works as a graphic designer. Vasil also is a professional balltoom dancer, and in his free time he refines his moves on the dance floor.  He loves poetry, primarily the Russian poets of the Silver age, and among all human vices he considers betrayal and cowardice the worst. Above all in life he values the freedom of self-expression; in his search he has chosen art as the most powerful means of self-expression: "Art gives you freedom to do anything you want", he says. "In art the only way to evaluate your work is through the aesthetic sensitivity and the personal perception of each individual", he continues.

The moment that made the deepest impression on his life so far arose when at the Hermitage a few years ago he went to see the Madonna by Leonardo Da Vinci. To his surprise, he was disappointed! He went upstairs where he was introduced to works of Van Gogh, Monet and other impressionists who turned his world upside down. Their works were pleasant and inspiring to Vasil.  Among Russian artists he admires the works of Korovin, Borison-Musatov, Serov, Vrubel, Levitan and Savrasov. Their works' freedom strikes him and they emotionality touch him with their color expressions, their ease, fine sensing and boldness in dealing with colors and patterns.

Vasil Bobrikov primarily creates still life reflections. He believes that the still life genre offers many ways of self-expression and that it has the potential to narrate or tell a story, that it can depict almost anything. Containing some uncertain objects, it becomes a mood still-life, immediate still-life that depicts an author's momentary, complex and inexplicable subconscious feeling. The term "associative still-lives" perhaps best characterizes the individuality and associative power typical of all Vasil's art. The artist's works can be found in private collections in Russia, Spain, the USA, Latvia, Slovenia, the Ukraine, and Belarus.

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