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Marina Sosnina

Marina Sosnina

Marina is a young and promising artist born in 1988 in the closed southern town Zarechny where she had her first solo exposition in 2007. She still lives there but plans to move out to a better place soon.

Marina enjoys music by Alfred Schnittke, loves dances by Pina Bausch and loves all the things related to the sea including sea food. Most of all Marina appreciates kind looks and shared smiles and takes love as the most important thing in life. She values openness and honesty in people and dislikes hypocrisy. She loves artists who create a desire to touch.

 Marina joined Vladimir Nuikin's graphic studio in 2003; the artistic freedom and atmosphere of experiment present in Vladimir's workshop allowed Marina to explorer her artistic abilities with the depth and breadth unachievable otherwise.

My Work

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Soul in Pain
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