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Alexey Rubanov

Alexey Rubanov

Born in 1972 in Zaporozhe Alexey Rubanov now lives in Kremenchug city in Ukraine.

He is teaching in the local art school for children as his day job. Alexey is a well established artist, regular participant of the national and international art exhibitions and a member of the National Association of Ukrainian artists. 

"Time is the most precious thing in the world",-says Alexey. "It's always in deficit, every moment of time, every breath you take is important" - he concludes.

Alexey loves quality reading - Albert Camus, Vladimir Nabokov, and William Faulkner are among his favorites. Alexey loves people and most of all children. Alexey appreciates very much great artists of modern era and most of all Klimt, Matisse and Van Gough.

My Work

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National ideas
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City girl
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