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Lelia Sorokina

Lelia Sorokina Lelia was born in 1974 in Moscow where she lives to this day and works as a PR director. The most cherished thing in life for Lelia is communication, be it communication with people, or with nature, or with other things. Painting is also a form of communication with something impalpable. Lelia loves seashore and forest and enjoys music and old Russian fairy-tales. Her hobby is free-diving and she also likes airplanes and high speed. She dislikes mass media and big city noise, duplicity and dress-codes.

Lelia believes that art, being of intangible value, should provide some tangible worth. That's why she transfers 15% from all her artwork sales to the charity for children in need of urgent medical help.

"The day when I was four and my parents, in their hurry, refused to buy me a box of chalks which I desired, perhaps, had the strongest impact on me as an artist", says Lelia, "Great disappointment gave to me the strength to reach my goal at any price, so I never stopped painting since then", she concludes. Lelia very much appreciates impressionism because it is close to her personal perception; she says its «organic» to our eyes. Her favorite artists are Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Alfred Sisley and Giorgio Morandi. Lelia likes Morandi for his still lifes, he makes objects look alive, endowing them with their own personality. But most of all artists she admires Andrey Rublev whose works are more than just an art; they are filled with the hidden motives, and the underlying philosophy.

My Work

Still life with a candle
£ 400
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Still life with an apple
£ 300
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In old Sana
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Violets gallore
£ 100
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Still life with a pear
£ 350
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Still life with an orange
£ 450
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