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Anna Vavilova

Anna Vavilova

Anna Vavilova was born in Novosibirsk's Science Town in 1976, where she lives and works as a lecturer in the training center for medical personnel. A pediatric doctor by profession, she also holds a PhD in biology. In her free time she creates paintings, dolls and ceramic decorations.

Most of all in life she loves her family, her nine-year-old son Stepan and her partner. A few years ago Anna experienced a crucial personal event that turned her life upside down and induced her artistic development. Anna enjoys strong tea with chocolate, loves theatre, appreciates philosophical books and absolutely cannot live without music. She prefers vivid and extraordinary compositions; rarely seen without her MP3-player she suffers when she cannot find anything new to listen to.  Anna is an animal lover and strongly believes that character is of much greater importance than pedigree.

 Anna appreciates kindness, frankness, sincerity, and sensitivity. In people she is looking for special depth of perception and doesn't like overconfidence and rudeness. She also can't stand when people are careless about nature.  In men she prefers a sort of sophisticated, slightly neurotic but still spirited mix of masculine characteristics. Anna believes that people act according to the circumstances fate brought them to.

All the traditional criteria of judging art such as style, genre, school and level of professionalism are overrated in her opinion.  In art, above all she values creativity in its pure instance, some kind of spontaneous sincerity, and a revelation of some new truth.  When creating her paintings, she searches for some sacred meanings and hidden mysteries, and at the same time she looks for some elegant nonsense!

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